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First, I am a parent, too. I understand your concerns: Will my younger newborn cooperate? What styles or colors should they wear? What do we do with our hands? Where should the pictures be taken? Relax; I’ve got this!

I am so happy that you’ve chosen to photograph your bundle of joy! I can’t wait until we get started. As a mother of two, a newborn baby photographer in Chesapeake, VA, I know these are special moments, and I promise I will not let you down and I will produce pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime.

My services include traditional studio sessions with natural light settings and countless other backdrops to meet your very specific and unique desires for capturing memories of your beautiful child.

My Goal: I want to create the most unforgettable moments for my clients in Chesapeake, Virginia. I will work hard so that you can cherish every image of your baby. No one wants their newborn photographer to just snap a bunch of mediocre images of the baby. I will make every effort to deliver unforgettable, perfect photographs that are sure-fire winners in any contest or gallery show!

Capture Life With Affordable Pictures of Your Baby

If you’re expecting, don’t wait until it’s too late! We recommend booking a newborn photo session before the time comes. Our priority is to ensure that our clients are happy with their photos and will book again in advance of coming back for future family memories – so contact us today about how best can make sure your new little bundle is captured beautifully on film from day one.

In general, most parents get the best results when the photos are taken within 3 to 10 days after birth.

You will enjoy my complete and full attention during your pre-session consultation. I’ll work with you to understand the vision for these newborn portraits and make sure you end up with the end result that you imagined from the very beginning.

So if you’re looking for a reliable baby photographer in Chesapeake, VA, check out my portfolio and decide for yourself.

Standard package is not available for newborn sessions…view pricing here 

Tips For Newborn Poses

Photographing a newborn can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a photographer. Those tiny toes, soft cheeks, and peaceful expressions create timeless memories. However, capturing the perfect shot requires a blend of patience, technique, and safety. Here are some tips for posing newborns for photos:

1. Safety First

Before diving into the poses, always ensure the baby’s safety.

  • Never force a baby into a pose. If the baby seems uncomfortable, try a different position.
  • Always have a spotter close to the baby, especially if the baby is on a raised surface.
  • Avoid using props that might be sharp, hard, or risky in any way.
  • Ensure that the room is comfortably warm, as newborns can get cold easily.

2. Swaddled Baby

Swaddling the baby tightly in a soft blanket can keep them calm and help in capturing some peaceful, cozy shots. The tight wrap can mimic the comfort of the womb.

3. Curled Up

One of the natural positions for a newborn is curled up, as they are in the womb. Position them on their tummy with their knees tucked up under them and their hands under their head.

4. Back Pose

Place the baby on its back, perhaps on a soft blanket or fur. This pose allows you to capture facial expressions, and you can also incorporate cute hats or headbands.

5. Froggy Pose

In this pose, the baby’s head rests on its tiny hands, giving a frog-like appearance. This pose requires a composite of two images for safety. First, capture the baby’s head resting on a hand while someone supports the head. Then, photograph the baby’s hands without the head. Merge the two images in post-processing.

6. With Siblings

If there are older siblings, have them hold or gently lie next to the newborn. Capture the bond between them, ensuring that the older child understands the need to be gentle.

7. Parent’s Hands

Show the size contrast between the baby and their parents by placing the newborn in the parent’s hands or having a parent cradle the baby’s head or feet.

8. Profile Shot

Capture the baby’s side profile while they’re asleep. This angle showcases their delicate features, from their eyelashes to their lips.

9. Tummy Pose

Place the baby on its tummy with hands under the head, almost like they’re in a deep sleep. This pose beautifully captures the baby’s cheeks, lips, and cute little nose.

10. Props

Incorporate props like baskets or soft toys, but ensure they are clean and safe. The prop should complement the baby, not overpower them in the picture.

11. Macro Shots

Do not miss the tiny details. Capture close-ups of their lips, nose, fingers, toes, and eyelashes. These details change quickly as they grow.

12. Stay Calm and Flexible

Remember that newborns have their schedule. Sometimes they might be fussy, or they might need feeding or diaper changes. Staying patient and flexible will ensure a smoother photography session.

Newborn photography is a delightful yet challenging niche. With patience, safety measures, and the right techniques, you can capture the fleeting moments of a newborn’s first few weeks in this world. Remember, the goal is to depict their innocence, purity, and the intense emotions they evoke in those around them.

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