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Family Pictures: Color Ideas, What to Wear and the Dos & Don’ts

Family pictures are a must, but they can be stressful! What to wear? What color should you choose for your clothes? How do you dress kids in family photos? We have all the answers for you. You will find helpful tips on what colors to wear and what outfits work best. You will also learn how to pose with kids in family photos and how to take stunning family portraits that everyone will love.

Why are family pictures important?

It’s important to get family photographs because they are a way to document life’s milestones.

A family photo is also the perfect gift for grandparents who live far away and don’t get opportunities in person with their grandkids, it’s an important keepsake that can be handed down for generation to come. When you have kids of your own one day they will treasure these photos as well because there were such special moments captured on camera while growing up together.

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Family photographs capture all those memories including beautiful scenery or incredible holidays, plus it’s a moment when everyone looks great. This should mean no more arguing about what clothes people should wear when taking pictures (unless Dad insists he wears his favorite old plaid shirt). Kids grow so fast; we want them dressed nicely during this momentous occasion, but don’t make common mistakes of bad color matching in family photographs.

What colors look good in family photos?

One of the questions I am asked most frequently by my clients is “What should we wear?” And it’s no wonder! You photos are an investment that you have most likely spent some time and money on, and besides adorning the walls of your home and probably your Christmas card, it is understandable that you want to look your best!

I encourage mom to decide on her outfit first, and then build out the rest of the family’s clothing from there. Find something that makes you feel beautiful. If you feel good in what you are wearing, it will transfer to your photos. Being comfortable and confident will make a huge difference in how you feel and how relaxed you are in front of the camera.

Don’t be afraid to dress it up or dress it down. It’s all about what fits your family and style.


What are Good Color Schemes for Family Pictures?

There is this idea floating around that everyone has to match. This is not true! Choose colors that complement each other, but don’t fall into the matching trap. Coordinating is far better than matching and gives your photos more interest and variation! I always recommend having at least three core colors in your palette. Work off of the accent colors of each other’s outfits to tie it all in.

-Cheerful: light colors such as blue, yellow, and orange. The contrast of a dark color can be an excellent addition to the mix with black being a good example for jackets or sleeves; purple is also another great option that will work well contrasted against green trees in backdrops etc.

Family picture dressed in blue

-Crimson reds: Crimson reds make really nice accents if combined nicely together but should not dominate entire outfits – too much scarlet might go over like wildfire. In general, this type works best when people are wearing brighter clothing than darker ones because it’s more cheerful looking which makes sense given its name while still providing enough variety so there isn’t one single overwhelming hue dominating everything else (and making your subjects feel claustrophobic). This scheme typically looks better at dusk.

-Green: Green is a good color for family photos that have green foliage in the background. This type of scheme works really well with browns and creams (think fall colors) or if you’re trying to tie something else into it like pink flowers etc because they go so nicely together making your subjects stand out rather than blending them away as can happen when too many greens are used). Typically this one looks better at noon but also has potential during dusk, not just evening hours; some people find these types make their skin look more radiant overall while still being appropriate enough since those shades typically won’t clash badly against most clothing choices someone might wear on such occasions – plus there’s an increased possibility any shadows cast by bystanders will be less noticeable.

Can you wear black in family photos?

Many of my clients want to know if they can wear black clothes in their family photos. The rule of thumb is to wear colors that compliment the skin tone and hair color. However, if you are wearing black clothes in a family photo session during evening hours (dusk), it may be better than at noontime because people can appear too dark against those darker shades which would make them stand out more as silhouettes rather than having their features show up well on camera.

Family picture dressed in black

Black clothing also photographs very nicely when there’s not direct sunlight or any other light source hitting subjects directly – this way they won’t blend into background scenery so much; some find these types look great with green backgrounds for instance but others prefer going lighter while still being able each person without difficulty.

What Colors Are Best For Small Kids Clothing?

The best colors for small children and family photographs are neutrals and pastels. These colors are soft and gentle to the eye, not too bold or bright so that it doesn’t overwhelm viewers of your photos in person nor when they see them online on social media sites like Facebook where many people share family pictures with friends.

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Choose clothing colors for baby pictures that coordinate with the parents. Don’t forget to add little accessories like bows and hair pieces for little girls and for little boys you can add some suspenders or a jacket and belt. to give the perfect finishing touch to your photos.

There are many color schemes and options that look absolutely amazing in family photographs. If you’re looking to have a family photograph taken in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, or Norfolk, Reach out to me by phone or email for a free consult about color options that will look wonderful for capturing your special memories.

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